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You’re not “trying.” You’re either doing or you’re not. 

Whenever you say you’re trying to do something, the underlying feeling is one of struggle and you’re telling your brain that you’re not good enough. 

Saying “I am trying” not only sabotages you in relationship to yourself – it also influences how you present yourself to the world.

Now, I will be the first person to tell you that your relationship with yourself is more important than any other relationship in your life.

AND relationships are the number one currency in life.

It sounds cheesy but it really is about who you know. That lesson has been demonstrated to me time and time again. If Lorenzo and I hadn’t cultivated our relationship this program wouldn’t be here right now. And you wouldn’t be receiving these texts.

So let’s say you’re speaking to someone you respect. Someone whose relationship matters to you or with whom you’d like to deepen in relationship.

They’re asking about your business and you say “I’m trying to make more money.”

Ok, that’s honest, I respect that.

Now feel into “I am making more money.”

Perhaps this isn’t true YET.

But it shows your commitment. Your dedication. That making more money is something that is inevitable for you.

There’s power behind “I am” statements that is missing when you say “I’m trying.”

So drop it. Even if you feel like you’re only trying, it’s not a useful way to spend your energy or to communicate. 

Next time you find yourself thinking “I’m trying to do [x]…” ask yourself “What am I committed to  regarding [x]?” and rewrite the statement from that space.


Actionable Nudges


1. Take a moment to reflect upon an area of your life where you often find yourself saying, “I’m trying to do [x].” Allow yourself to really feel into this situation and notice any underlying struggles or feelings of inadequacy that arise.

2. Now, imagine for a moment that you could release the notion of “trying” and fully embrace the power of “doing” or “not doing.” How does that shift in perspective make you feel? What possibilities and potentials open up when you let go of the struggle implied by “trying”?

3. Delve into your own business or personal endeavors and consider the phrase, “I’m trying to make more money.” How does it feel to approach it from a space of struggle and uncertainty? Now, shift your focus to “I am making more money,” even if it may not be entirely true yet. How does this statement embody your commitment, determination, and belief in your own success?

4. Engage in a moment of self-inquiry when you catch yourself thinking or saying, “I’m trying to do [x].” Pause and ask yourself, “What am I truly committed to regarding [x]?” Allow your deepest aspirations and intentions to emerge. How does reframing your statement from a space of commitment and dedication empower you to take more aligned action?

5. Embrace the practice of consistently using empowering language and “I am” statements in your communication with others. Observe how this shift impacts the energy you bring into your interactions and the way others perceive you. What changes do you notice in the depth and quality of your relationships as you express your commitment more boldly?

6. Explore the ripple effects of this shift beyond a single area of your life. In what other domains can you replace “trying” with statements of commitment and dedication? How might this transformation in language and mindset enhance your overall well-being and open doors to greater possibilities in various aspects of your life.