Our mission is to make personalized development accessible by transforming 

goals & intentions


personalized reminders

We believe that well-being and peak performance go hand in hand. And through personalized behavior prompts delivered in the moments where action is available, both high performance and holistic well-being are achievable.

The JOURNEY experience brings together data-driven insights, technology, and behavioral science to deliver hyper-personalized nudges at scale — improving individual development, well-being, autonomy, adaptability, and effectiveness. The results? People living more meaningful, fulfilling lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.

Meet the Journey Team

The JOURNEY team bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation to the day to day operation of the company.

Lorenzo Scardicchio

Chief Executive Officer

Indigo Varela

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Greg Finch

Chief Well-Being Officer

Pushkin Joshi

Chief Technology Officer

Stacy Chao

Data Scientist

Sergo Monti

Visual Designer

Emma Lauron

Graphic Designer

Sourabh Bogrecha

Machine Learning Engineer

Journey Advisors

JOURNEY’s Board of Advisors hail from renowned global organizations and industries, bringing a diverse range of knowledge, perspective and experience to guide and drive long-term value to the company.

Dr. Anjala Krishen

Behaviorial Science
Advisor since 2019


Dr. Jack Schibrowsky

Marketing & Strategy
Advisor since 2019


Dr. Greg Finch

Executive Leadership
Advisor since 2019


Suken Shah

User Experience
Advisor since 2019


Dr. Hans Rawhouser

Business Development
Advisor since 2019

Kimberly Benoit

HR Manager
Advisor since 2021

8 Spheres, One Holistic Experience

Our first-of-its-kind platform uses world-class coaching and science backed solutions to build growth mindsets, skills, and behaviors you need to be ready for any challenge — today and tomorrow.


Let JOURNEY guide you on your path to uncovering and living in your strengths every day. Understand yourself and the people you work with to experience personal and collective flow.

Relational Well-Being

By encouraging individuals and teams to have intentional conversations and amplify diverse voices, JOURNEY facilitates meaningful, open and productive collaboration.

Energy Management

Be proactive when managing your energy levels by better optimizing when to schedule intentional breaks for greater focus and balance.

Physical Well-Being

Thanks to science, JOURNEY helps you take a proactive approach vs a reactive mindset on your journey to well-being.

Emotional Well-Being

How you show up at work and at home is the sum of who you are and how you’re feeling. Like your Sherpa on a mountain, JOURNEY removes the guesswork and guides you along your path to your next best self.


The quality of thinking is proportional to the models in our head and their usefulness in the situation at hand. JOURNEY helps you forge new neural connections and build more models—the bigger your toolbox—the more likely you are to have the right models to see reality.

Time Management

How much can you take on in your daily life? JOURNEY takes into account your role at work and at home and helps you balance the urgent and important.

Peak Performance

A routine of ongoing practices and maintenance that cultivates the habits and mindsets to think, feel, and perform at your best.

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