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Journey Nudge enhances student well-being and academic performance by delivering personalized, contextually aware notifications. We’re on a mission to create a more supportive and thriving campus environment for everyone.

UNLV Students Reported…


Enhanced Mental Well-Being

Reduced stress and anxiety through timely reminders and positive reinforcement.


Holistic Well-Being

Continuous self-improvement and achievement of personal and career goals.



Academic Performance

Better focus and time management, leading to higher grades and academic success.


Emotional Intelligence

Greater emotional intelligence and coping skills to navigate challenges.


Journey Nudge

Positive encouragement

when you need it most.

Seamless Integration and Support

Ongoing student support to ensure the best academic experience.







Start Your Journey

INtake process

Step 1

Take JOURNEY’s Assessment

  • Select personal and professional goals, helping you paint the picture for how you wish to be supported 
Step 2

Nudge Journey Designed for You

  • JOURNEY matches you with a research backed nudge catalog best suited to your needs and goals. Your data is never sold and is strictly confidential
Step 3

Nudges Begin & You Provide Feedback

  • JOURNEY continues to adapt and learn from your feedback.

  • Helping you explore and discover new aspects of what makes you – well, you.

The Future of learning

Welcome to your JOURNEY


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