Why is this important?

Meaningful feedback that helps others grow and develop starts with intentionally observing an action or behavior.

How can you take action?

Identify an opportunity to observe a skill or behavior of someone on your team. As you are observing:

  • Focus on observing the facts and reserve judgment
  • Prepare to share your feedback based on what you agreed to observe

After you observe and provide feedback, reflect on:

  1. What was difficult about observing? What did you do that worked well?
  2. Were you able to remain focused on the facts only?
  3. What will you do differently next time?
  4. What does it look like?

A situation where you notice a person’s action or behavior that warrants being shared as feedback. This can be an area of strength that you wish to reinforce or an area of growth that will help the person develop.

 What you observe can be planned (by agreement) or unplanned (something you notice in the moment where the other person will benefit from the feedback).


Guidelines for observing:

Be purposeful: What actions or behaviors are you observing for, and did they have the desired impact?

Be objective: Keep in mind that the behaviors or skills you are looking for someone to demonstrate align with the standard of the career progression framework.

Be factual: Determine what you are going to observe, and then focus on just the data or facts as if recording the event on a camera.

Be aware: Recognize any potential “blind spots” you may have about the person or situation, and work to eliminate them so you can observe through an unbiased lens.

Be present: Clear away potential distractions that might take you away from focusing on what you are observing.