1. Giving and receiving in-the-moment feedback

Why is this important?

Constructive in-the-moment feedback recognizes both current strengths and areas for future improvement.

Feedback is given and received within the context of our day-to-day work which accelerates our learning and in turn, our development and performance.

How can you take action?

  1. Before giving someone feedback, think about how you will do so in a constructive way.
  2. After the conversation, ask yourself:
    1. How did you do in the feedback discussion?
    2. What will you do differently next time to provide feedback more effectively or constructively?

What does it look like?

  • Giving and receiving feedback is what brings real-time development to life
  • Following a process of asking questions, sharing perspectives, getting clarity, and taking action will lead to an effective feedback conversation
  • The feedback giver and the receiver both have responsibilities during feedback conversation.

 Feedback Receiver

  • Ask for specific feedback
  • Share your own point of view
  • Be curious; seek out different perspectives
  • Take responsibility

Feedback Giver

  • Determine the other person’s perspective

  • Clarify Understanding

  • Share a found balance

  • Agree on responsibility

Feedback Receiver & Giver

    • Ask questions
    • Share Perspective
    • Get Clarity
    • Take Action