Making decisions can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when we focus solely on the choice itself. However, by delving deeper and examining the underlying motives behind our decisions, we can gain clarity and balance that can lead us to a happier and more beautiful state within ourselves.

Unraveling the Motive:

Instead of fixating on the decision at hand, take a step back and ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve with this decision? What is my motive?” By doing so, you’ll discover that every decision boils down to two fundamental motives.

It’s either an attempt to create a happier future, achieve personal growth, and experience an enhanced state of being, or avoiding unwanted experiences.

By recognizing these underlying desires, we gain a clearer understanding of what we are truly seeking—which tends to be a happier, more peaceful state within ourselves.

“What am I trying to achieve with this decision? What is my motive?”

Exploring the Desire:

When considering a decision, it’s crucial to challenge whether it stems from a desire to move towards a more fulfilling state within yourself.

Challenge the notion that a single decision will determine the quality of our lives. Instead, take a step back and realize that our state of being, our inner center, is what truly matters.

While decisions may impact us temporarily, especially when they are new and unfamiliar, our overall well-being is determined by our internal state rather than external factors.

For instance, choosing between moving to New York or California involves analyzing which option would genuinely make you happier and align with your aspirations. Perhaps moving to New York may provide a sense of safety and security, bringing us closer to family, while moving to California can evoke feelings of playfulness and adventure due to our childhood connection with Disney Land and our desire to be there.

By being fully present and connected with your desires, you can better navigate towards a path that brings you closer to a more desirable state within yourself rather than relying on an external circumstance to achieve this result.

Finding Clarity:

By stepping back and examining the motives behind our decisions, we can shift our perspective. Instead of burdening our minds with the weight of decision-making, we can focus on connecting with our deep center, where clarity resides. Rather than being controlled by the mind, we can strive to tune into our inner self and understand our unique intuitive instincts.

When learning about our own intuitive impulses, such as our gut deciding to engage in an activity for the sheer joy of doing it (intuitive decisioning), rather than solely focusing on the desired outcome (mind decisioning). Trusting that the experience itself will be exciting and bring positive outcomes, even if we can’t see how, is an important aspect of intuitive decision-making and finding clarity.

Allowing Natural Unfolding:

Although decisions may unfold naturally when we are in tune with our inner center, it does not mean we abstain from making choices altogether. Instead, we approach decisions with an awareness of our internal state and a willingness to embrace the journey ahead and surrender to the precision of life itself. When we let go of the pressure to control every outcome, we open ourselves up to the possibilities that arise organically. This way, decisions become part of a greater flow, and we can navigate through life with a heightened sense of awareness and contentment. This way, we can open ourselves up to a clearer perspective and a more authentic way of trusting the natural unfolding of life.

By going beyond surface-level decision-making and exploring the motives that drive us, we unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves. We discover that the quality of our lives is determined not solely by external choices but by the state of our being. Through cultivating inner awareness, finding clarity, and embracing the natural unfolding of life, we can make decisions that align with our true desires and lead to a more fulfilling and authentic existence. Remember, it’s in the depths of our motives that we find the keys to a truly beautiful life.