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Key Points


  • Strategic Self-Evaluation: Imagine being replaced as the CEO of your own life to identify what would that person change immediately?
  • Prioritize and Eliminate: What objectives are most essential in 2024? Consider everything else as a distraction.

Maximizing 2024 through Reflection and Action

As we say farewell to 2023 and embrace the new year, it’s the perfect time for self-reflection and strategic planning. This exploration touches on powerful questions to reflect on your past year’s journey and to make yourself unstoppable in 2024. 

Remember, the steps you take today lay the groundwork for your future successes.


CEO of your Life 

Reflect on Your Decisions: Imagine being fired as the CEO of your life and replaced by someone exceptional.

What would they do differently?

What obstacles would they remove, and what successful strategies would they amplify?


Ruthless Elimination

Focus on Key Objectives: Identify your top ten objectives for 2024. Narrow them down to the most crucial three or four, and consider everything else as a distraction.

Make a list 1-10 in your Journal or in your Journey Chat.

*If you choose to add it to your Journey chat, your responses will be stored and used to personalize future nudges.*


Overcoming Passive Mode

Initiate Positive Actions: Identify areas in your life where you’re waiting passively.

What steps can you take to be proactive and create the outcomes you desire?





Identifying and Avoiding Weaknesses 

Strategize Around Weaknesses: Acknowledge your weaknesses and structure your life to minimize their impact. 

  • “What new insights have I gained about my weaknesses and potential areas of growth?”
  • “Reflecting on the year, which decisions or actions align with my true strengths, and which seem to be misaligned?”
  • “What would I start, stop, or continue doing if an outsider objectively evaluated my life and had me focus 100% of my time and attention on what I am already naturally good at?”





Removing Toxic Influences:

Curate Your Social Circle: Assess the people you spend time with and their impact on your energy and mindset. Remove toxic influences and nurture relationships that support your growth.

  • “How do my lesser goals or distractions impact my ability to achieve my top priorities?”
  • “What specific changes can I make to ensure I’m not diluting my focus and efforts?”




Emulating Successful Behaviors

Act Like You’re Being Filmed: Imagine a film crew is documenting your path to success.

What actions would you want them to capture?

Which actions would you prefer to avoid?





Easy Mode vs. Hard Mode

Simplify Your Path to Success: Evaluate whether you’re operating on easy mode or hard mode. Identify and implement strategies to make your journey towards success more manageable and efficient.

  • “Where in my life am I waiting passively for outcomes, and how can I take proactive steps to change this?”
  • “What specific actions can I initiate to create the outcomes I desire instead of waiting for them to happen?”
  • “What areas require me to break out of the passive mode and take charge to make significant changes?”
  • “How can adopting a proactive mindset transform my personal and professional life?”



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