What is Journey and How to Use It?

Journey provides two key services: guided, interactive journaling and personalized, actionable messages, which we refer to as ‘nudges’.

  • How It Works: Start receiving nudges based on your Journey Traveler Profile. Your nudges are crafted with your personal & professional goals, personality type, time preferences and success indicators in mind.
  • Interactive Learning: Your interactions with Journey including feedback and responses help Journey learn and adapt, providing more personalized future suggestions.


1. Weekly Intention Setting 

  • How to Use: At the beginning of the week, Journey sends you a list of intentions you can set based on your profile. You can either reply with the letter associated with the intention or type your intention if it’s not listed.


Good morning, Traveler. Reflect on your wins and learnings from last week. Then, share your intention for the week ahead.

A. Self-Care 😌

B. Big Picture Thinking 🖼️

C. Physical Well-Being 🏋️

D. Active Listening👂

E. Mindfulness 🧘‍♀️

Reply with the letter(s)

Example Response: “A, C” or “Journey, my intention this week is to be present with family.”

  • Outcome: Journey stores your intention and uses it to send relevant nudges that week.


2. Personalized, Context-Aware Chat  

  • How to Use: Provide context to Journey about your daily experiences or challenges.
  • Example: “Journey, I’ve been struggling with time management at work lately.” or “Journey, I have a deadline coming up and I’m feeling nervous that I won’t get it done in time.”
  • Outcome: Receive strengths-based, context-aware support for time management.


3. Giving Feedback on Nudges

  • How to Use: React to nudges to refine your Journey experience.
  • Example: “React to the message with a ❤️ or 👍 on the nudge or reminder itself or reply with, “yesterday’s meditation nudge was really helpful.”
  • Outcome: Journey learns to send you more of what you like and less of what you don’t.


4. Create Your Own Nudges

  • How to Use: Create your own nudges using the “Echo” command.
  • Example: “Echo: Remember to Facetime mom every night.”
  • Outcome: Journey sends you personalized reminders based on your command.


5. Adjusting Reminder Content Preferences  

  • How to Use: Specify the types of reminders you prefer and their frequency.
  • Example: “Send me more reminders to take short walks in the morning and less reminders to drink water.”
  • Outcome: Preferences are adjusted.


6. Setting Specific Time Preferences

  • How to Use: Share your preferred times for receiving different types of nudges.
  • Example: “Journey, send time management nudges in the morning and reflection nudges in the evening.”
  • Outcome: Journey schedules nudges according to your time preferences.


7. Using Journey Chat as a Journal

  • How to Use: Reach out to Journey Chat when you want to record your thoughts or feelings and gain in-the-moment perspective.
  • Example: “Journey, I’m feeling overwhelmed with my project deadline today.”
  • Outcome: Obtain immediate support tailored to your situation.


8. Using Journey for Self-Reflection

  • How to Use: Reflect on your day or feelings through Journey.
  • Example: “Journey, today I felt proud of completing my presentation.”
  • Outcome: Journey logs your reflection for future nudge recommendations.


9. Personal Check-Ins

  • How to Use: Share your achievements or progress with Journey.
  • Example: “Hey Journey, I completed my goal of running 5 miles today!”
  • Outcome: Journey acknowledges and motivates you for future goals.








    Example Interactions

    How Journey Learns




    Journey is designed to be a flexible, responsive companion in your quest for personal growth. By actively engaging with its features and providing feedback, you can tailor Journey to become an integral part of your daily routine, perfectly aligned with your personal goals and preferences. Remember, every interaction with Journey is a step towards a more mindful and focused you!





    Additional Tips


    Journey Companion: Your Interactive Journal

    • On-Demand Insights: Start your dialogue with Journey by typing “Journey” first, followed by your questions or concerns for instant, personalized coaching.
    • Flexible Engagement: Engage with the Journey chat for a range of topics, both personal and professional. The system learns from these interactions to offer more relevant advice and nudges. Journey takes in what your interactions with the Journal to inform future nudges and reminders.
    • Reflective Journaling: The chat doubles as a journal, allowing you to explore your thoughts and gain deeper insights into your personal growth while also sending nudges without you needing to prompt the system.


    Journey Companion: Real-Time Guidance

    • On-Demand Insights: Use the “Journey” command followed by your questions or concerns for instant, personalized coaching.
    • Data-Driven Guidance: The real-time coaching is informed by your profile data, ensuring that the advice is relevant and tailored to your needs.


    Ask Me Anything: Type ‘Journey’ before your question

    1. Guide me through starting a daily meditation practice.
    2. Suggest strategies for managing work-related stress.
    3. Help me create a weekly mindfulness routine.
    4. Teach me techniques to improve my focus and concentration.
    5. Advise on how to set and track personal growth goals.
    6. Provide tips for maintaining work-life balance.
    7. Suggest journal prompts for self-reflection and improvement.
    8. Help me plan a ‘digital detox’ day.
    9. Offer ideas for building healthier habits.
    10. Explain how to practice gratitude daily.
    11. Assist in creating a personalized morning routine.
    12. Suggest books or resources for personal development.
    13. Help me prepare a plan for a week of self-care activities.
    14. Advise on techniques for better sleep hygiene.
    15. Guide me on how to overcome procrastination.
    16. Suggest creative ways to track and celebrate personal achievements.
    17. Offer tips for staying motivated during challenging times.
    18. Help me understand and manage my emotions better.
    19. Provide guidance on setting realistic and achievable goals.
    20. Suggest exercises for mental clarity and relaxation.
    21. Advise on how to effectively manage time and priorities.
    22. Help me create a plan to reduce and manage anxiety.
    23. Suggest activities for boosting creativity and inspiration.
    24. Offer strategies for improving personal relationships.
    25. Guide me in developing a consistent exercise routine.
    26. Help me plan a balanced weekly meal plan.
    27. Suggest ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily life.
    28. Provide advice on maintaining positive mental health.
    29. Offer guidance on developing emotional resilience.
    30. Help me understand and apply the concept of self-compassion.



    Customizing Your Experience

    • Shape Your Journey: Influence your experience by liking nudges that resonate with you. This feedback helps Journey align its content with your current interests and focus areas.
    • Weekly Focus Setting: Each week, you have the opportunity to select a focus area, further tailoring the upcoming nudges to your specific goals.


    Powered by Technology, Built to Support Humanity

    Our goal is to leverage technology to assist and support you in your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We hope you find a few Journey features that call to you in this process. Please remember, if you ever have questions or require any help, we are always here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support.

    We’re constantly working to improve Journey Chat, but please keep in mind that responses may vary. While Journey strives to provide valuable insights using your Journey Assessment data as a baseline for understanding your preferences, it’s essential to independently assess and validate the guidance you receive.

    You can easily provide feedback to help us enhance your Journey experience. Just reply with your thoughts or suggestions as you chat with Journey.

    Journey Chat is powered by Large Language Models that have been trained specifically by Journey’s Proprietary Nudge Engine with additional features designed exclusively for your experience.

    We believe in transparency, so if you share content generated by Journey Chat, consider letting others know that AI was involved in your journey.


    Data Storage

    All your interactions with Journey Chat are stored until you decide to delete them.

    How to Delete Your Data:

    You can delete your chat content if you wish, follow these steps to clear past content:

    1. Go to your Journey Chat
    2. Send ‘Clear Data.’

    What Not to Use Journey Chat For:

    Please refrain from using Journey Chat to create content that is political, sexual, harassing, deceptive, spammy, harmful, or promotes violence, self-harm, or any violations of our Community Guidelines. Avoid sharing confidential or sensitive information.

    Learn more about Privacy