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Help your clients stay connected to their goals between sessions. Journey captures key insights from your sessions and turns them into daily, actionable nudges. This keeps the important moments alive and reinforces what your clients learn.

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Professional Goal

Tiny nudges keep you accountable to the changes you wish to make, in all aspects of life.

Meet Mark

JOURNEY gives me useful, real-time, team data at my fingertips. Receiving insights about my team’s sentiment and development themes, helps me be a better people manager in a high-demand position. JOURNEY also helps me with my own performance and stress management by delivering reminders at times when the interactions are possible.

Meet Jennifer

JOURNEY helped me to accept that I can’t accomplish everything on my own and that I needed to better leverage my team by stepping back so others can step up. Now, my team feels more valued, engaged, and has more exposure to senior leadership. 

Meet Suzy

I really valued the team insights and the time my people have invested in it so far. The best quote I heard was that nudges help to be responsive and not reactive – frankly, we could all do with that in our lives. I have people from SLT to associate level asking me for more because they’re hearing what others are saying.

Meet John

I learned to foster an environment of open communication, diversity, and inclusion where team members don’t hesitate to bring their ideas to the table. Now, real synergy can take place.

Meet Annalisa

As an HR manager, JOURNEY enhanced my ability to give meaningful feedback and support my team with applying the feedback effectively. My team is growing to 25 employees and JOURNEY has helped me tailor my communication techniques, real-time, with each team member. By receiving micro-moments of stillness before my meetings, I’m now more conscious of my intentions to communicate and collaborate with others effectively.

Meet Sydney

My role as an executive assistant often means that I take on a bulk of tasks to get them done rather than focusing on more specific, high-priority tasks. My JOURNEY Guide helped me realize what was missing; I was doing too much at once and had a hard time saying no to more. JOURNEY’s calendar blocking tool has made completing the tasks more doable and less stressful. JOURNEY ‘s gentle reminders help me to be consistent with this practice.

Meet Eli

JOURNEY helps me better understand the way people I work with naturally think, and lets them know the way I think as well. I’m now able to understand how my employees naturally operate and found it much easier to effectively collaborate as a team because of the timely prompts. There is a more effective workflow when collaborating in meetings, and this tool is giving us all a huge boost in confidence.

Meet Andrea

I am a creative director and have a pattern of taking on too much work and don’t have the energy left to focus on my health. The  JOURNEY tool reminds me that the simple things like drinking water and taking a 5-minute focus break actually help me be more focused for my next creative project. So, when my tendency to think taking a break will lower my productivity appears, I’m able to remember why they actually help me to be more productive, focused, and caring to my body.

Meet Jamarice

This solves two key challenges. It provides coaching at scale, taking a very expensive development activity and making it available to all people managers. Secondly and more crucially, it improves the coaching model, by providing both a reflective and in-the-moment perspective. Even from the small POC, the impact on the participants and their feedback has been phenomenal.

Establish a Consistent

Retain Insights

Automate action taking programs for each client, helping your clients retain what they learn and take action on their goals.

Onboard New Client Saster

Get new clients started quickly with curated insights from Journey, delivered from day one.


Increase Client Impact

Make every client interaction personalized and consistent.

24/7 Client Support

Provide guidance at any moment with automated, contextually aware nudges, scaling your service beyond sessions.


JOURNEY brings transformational experiences to employees and measurable growth to organizations. From junior associates to SLT, JOURNEY architects impactful coaching programs, actionable insights, and curated learning that fit into the nature of your people and the way you do business. 


Journey delivers personalized notifications that empower you to stay laser focused on crushing your goals and develop lasting habits. 


Take on more clients with less energy. JOURNEY’s scalable support system helps you reach more clients with less energy. JOURNEY’s online platform is always-on and personalized just for you. The JOURNEY online experience is built to sustain long-term professional development and personal transformation for your clients.


Transformative Engagement: Nudges and Chat in Harmony

JOURNEY is unique in its synergistic use of nudges and chat functionality. This dual approach not only keeps you informed but engaged, creating a dynamic interaction model where every nudge is an opportunity for dialogue and every chat can lead to actionable steps. Transform how you meet your personal and professional goals with our interactive, responsive platform.”

Sat, Mar 23, 2024

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Unlock Your Potential with Data-Driven Insights

Utilize the scientific backbone of psychometrics and habit science to foster sustainable growth. Journey Nudge delivers personalized insights based on cutting-edge research, helping you understand your behaviors and modify them for better personal and professional outcomes.

Sun, Mar 24, 2024

11:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Seamless Coaching Integration for Continuous Development

Don’t let the insights from your coaching sessions fade away. Journey Nudge acts as your daily coaching companion, reinforcing and building upon your sessions to ensure continuous growth and application of learned strategies.

Mon, Mar 25, 2024

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Innovative Engagement: Nudges Meet Conversational Interaction

Experience the synergy of proactive nudges and responsive chats. Journey Nudge is the first platform to blend these elements, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that continuously adapts to your life’s pace and challenges.

Mon, Mar 25, 2024

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Human Transformation, Powered by Science and Technology

Journey integrates technology and science to enrich and support your unique growth path. It acts as your digital companion, guiding you to learn, integrate skills, achieve goals, and course correct in the moment.


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Feelings of Encouragement


Decrease in Stress


Increase in Productivity

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