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“I really appreciate that my JOURNEY centers me, gives me space to explore my thoughts, and then reigns me back in to focus. Then asks me what the action steps are to get to my desired outcome. I always feel I have clarity after I get nudges. Looking forward to our next month!”

Sarah - Chief Product and Technology Officer, Bloomberg

“It is immensely helpful to have JOURNEY to remind me about strategies for nurturing a sense of calm and control. And then practicing that mindfulness exercise during the times that work best with my schedule effectively bridges the didactic component to the experiential. I’m so grateful that my JOURNEY meets me where I am in such a gentle, focused, and accepting way.”

David - Innovations, DOW JONES

“I am actually starting to make progress! Some of the challenges and concerns I had just 90 days ago are starting to diminish because of my reflection nudges. I am starting to have a general awareness of the areas I have made improvements, like the crippling fear of presenting in meetings. I am also starting to rephrase the negative messages and give room for self-compassion. Small steps feel GIANT right now! Thank you JOURNEY!”

Anthony - Software Engineer, Amazon


How it Works

Everyone’s Journey is Unique

Be it learning about your strengths to being a stronger communicator, physical-health or any other intention, with JOURNEY the small steps that make the difference are laid out for you. The only thing you need to do? Show up.



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Take the JOURNEY Assessment

  • Discover something new about yourself. The intake captures your personal and professional intentions, helping you paint the picture of how you can best show up in work and in life

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Reminders and Chat Designed for You

  • JOURNEY intake process matches you with a guidance program best suited to your needs and goals. Your data is secure, and your metrics and responses are strictly confidential

Step 3

A Companion on Your Journey

  • Based on your starting point, we’ll make recommendations and text you reminders to help you meet your goals. JOURNEY recommends the most efficient path for you — meaning your energy goes further than ever before

Step 4

Get Instant Insights with 24/7 Chat

  • On-demand, at-your-fingertips access to expert information for your growth. Customized check-ins and reminders, tailored just for you, when you need them

Step 5

Feedback & Optimization

  • JOURNEY’s Machine Learning Intelligence continues to adapt and learn from your feedback and interactions — helping you discover new aspects of yourself

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