Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Journey?

A: Journey provides personalized, strength-focused nudges that encourage intentional living and lasting habits. Journey uses SMS to send personalized nudges, covering physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, cognitive, and career. Nudges are grounded in executive level coaching, nudge theory, and habit science, and integrates personality tests like Myers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder.

Q: How does Journey Nudge handle my personal data?

A: Journey prioritizes your data privacy. We never sell your data to third parties. Instead, we use your data solely to personalize your experience, keeping you at the center of everything we do.


Q: What's different about JOURNEY?

A: JourneyNudge stands out by putting you in control. Unlike other platforms, you choose how you receive notifications, giving you complete autonomy. Journey personalizes content based on your personality type, which is crucial for achieving your goals. We use a strengths-based approach to help you grow in areas that need attention.

Our AI delivers real-time nudges based on your calendar and other data you provide, guiding you subtly toward your goals. These nudges are designed to support you, not just boost company engagement.

JourneyNudge also prioritizes your data privacy. We never sell your data to third parties, keeping you at the center of your experience. Our service offers real-time, actionable, and deeply engaging support through personalized strengths, autonomy, curated content, and conversational AI.

Q: Who can benefit from using Journey Nudge?

A: Anyone wanting to improve their well-being, develop new habits, and achieve personal growth can benefit from Journey. It’s useful for professionals, students, parents, and anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Q: How does Journey ensure the effectiveness of its nudges and recommendations?

A: The app’s nudges are personalized based on your feedback (giving a thumbs up on nudges you like) and interaction data to ensure nudges stay relevant and effective. Journey uses a combination of Nudge Theory, habits research, behavioral science, and executive coaching principles. 



“I’ve tried numerous productivity tools, but JOURNEY stands out because it truly understands and adapts to my personal and professional life. At the beginning of every week, I set a goal and the nudges that follow are so well customized that 100% of the time, they feel specifically crafted for the challenges I face. This personalization makes all the difference in enhancing my daily productivity.”

Raj, IT Consultant

“Integrating JOURNEY into my daily routine has changed the game for how I approach habit formation. Personally, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my healthy habits, from drinking more water to setting up my evening for restful sleep.

These are such simple things but are too easy to forget. I owe it to JOURNEY for sending me daily, well-timed and relevant nudges.”

Daniel, Product Manager

Managing high-stress events used to leave me burnt out by the end of the week.

With JOURNEY, I feel more proactive in managing stress and take care of myself a lot more than I used to, thanks to regular breathing exercises and time management nudges that keep me calm and collected. It’s not just about getting through the day but enjoying it too.”

Sophie, Event Coordinator

“I really appreciate that my JOURNEY centers me, gives me space to pause and zoom out, and then reigns me back in to focus.

Then asks me what the action steps are to get to my desired outcome. I always feel I have clarity after I get nudges. Looking forward to our next month!”

Sarah - Product Manager, Bloomberg

“It is immensely helpful to have JOURNEY remind me about strategies for nurturing a sense of calm and control in my daily routine.

And then practicing that mindfulness exercise during the times that work best with my schedule effectively bridges the didactic component to the experiential. I’m so grateful that my JOURNEY meets me where I am in such a gentle, focused, and accepting way.”

Gauri - Business Development, PAY PAL

“I am actually starting to make progress on goals I’ve set out years ago because of the small steps JOURNEY lays out for me. I am starting to have a general awareness of the areas I have made improvements, like the crippling fear of presenting in meetings.

I am also starting to rephrase the negative self-talk messages and give room for self-compassion. Small steps feel GIANT right now! Thank you JOURNEY!”

Anthony - Software Engineer, Amazon

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